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Way too fast

And just like that, we are done. The littlest cub has weaned herself off. We were just shy of the 1 year goal. And this mama 's heart is just hurting. As she lays sleeping next to me, hand reaching out, resting on my breast as in claiming it,she is no longer a little baby. And I feel so guilty. If I wouldn't of gotten sick and spendt 10 days in the hospital away from her, I still would have some milk to give her. If I would have tried harder to pump and spend time with her. If I would have been home, this wouldn't of had happened this way. Obviously it had to happen at some point. It just didn't think it would have been so soon. Since it was all still fine a few days ago. Again, things always seem the worst, right when you're in the hardest part of it. This was my biggest concern regarding my current situation. Not the amount of pain I'm in or the pending surgery I'm waiting on, but the fact that I would lose my milk supply and the ability to nurse Ab…

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