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The blessings of being 28

The blessings of being 28. Well... Birthdays are just days like any other, marked with cake and candles and sometimes gifts too. This year, I was blessed. Days before my birthday, Dustin invited many friends and prepare the big meal and we all got to share time together. Even our children enjoyed themselves. It was lovely and felt good and warming to the heart. We've gone through phases where friendships have been strained and virtually non-existent. So to start fresh, and a new town... In a new Province actually! With new friends and old ones too! Has just been so refreshing. To see others make the effort to come for my birthday, after the week they had, was so incredibly heartwarming. God has answered our prayers for friendships and relationships. We desperately needed a new support system, and now we have it. It's incredible.For my actual birthday, it was just like any other day. The kiddos and I spent the day together. I did laundry, and did the dishes and prepared the mea…

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