I had a mom moment this morning. As all 3 cubs were sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast, all three, eating oatmeal. They just looked so grown up. Even the babe, sloppily eating her cereal, most of it ending up on her bib.

I also found it quite funny that my three little bears were eating oatmeal. Noah said his was too hot. Sam's was just right, since it took him no time at all to devour it! And sweet Abigail's keept getting cold. How funny is that! I made mine after they were all done eating, no cold oatmeal for this mama bear!

I also thought it quite ordinary that we have been on an oatmeal kick lately. Every morning, that's what we have eaten for the last month, at least. We have been buying the big box of instant packs at Costco, more so for my convenience. Open package, put  in bowl, stick under the keurig and there we go! Breakfast is served! I don't know how long this oatmeal phase will last but at least the boys are starting their days with a belly full of hot oatmeal! What does your family eat for breakfast? Is it the same every morning? 


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