I am so tired.

I am so tired. I don't know if it's because this winter keeps dragging on or what, but I feel like I could sleep for 3 months straight and still be tired. This Mama bear could use some hibernation time. I haven't been dreaming either, which makes sense since I'm not hitting my REM sleep cycle. Someone is always waking me up. It's either Samson who has to pee and can't seem to find the bathroom in his sleep, but is quite capable of finding my bedroom or it's Noah, who has either lost his blanket or his sippy cup but can also find my bedroom and squeeze his way it to my bed. Or most likely it's the little miss, who's not so little anymore, a whopping 8 months next Sunday! who wants a top-off in her sleep or it's all three of them at a 2-hour interval. Add in Dada Bear's alarm clock going off at 4:30am and for the next consecutive hour and there you have it, no sleep for Mama. And yet, here I am at 11:30, up and typing by myself. The whole house is asleep, but me. Finally a moment of peace, of quiet, a hot cup of tea and a laptop all to myself. I should be indulging in one of the mama-doesn't-want-to-share snacks but I'm too tired to go and dig one out! I hope that this tiredness doesn't last for many years to come. I hope it's just a phase, a "this too shall pass" kinda deal. It's to the point now, where sometimes I don't even hear or notice Noah in bed until morning because I'm too tired to acknowledge he made the trip at 3:40something.

Maybe I should exercise more, might give me more energy, but then I'd have to find the energy to make it down those stairs to the gym and then have some left over to make the trip back up! Coffee doesn't even do it for me anymore. And odds of getting a power nap in sometime are maybe one in a gazillion.

Do all mom's of three or so feel this tired? Or is it just me? I don't remember my mom being this tired or sluggish and there were six of us. Even looking back to when there were only the three or four of us, she still didn't seem this tired. Maybe she was really good at hiding it? Maybe we were more independant? But how independant can a four, two and one year old be? I must ask her for her secrets tomorrow. Because, right now, Sugar Bear is calling out for a drink. Hold on Sweetie, the Lait-Lait maker is on the way. Goodnight.  


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