A righteous man.

When my leg was broken, way back in 2015, my hunny bear was indispensable. Like, really. He took time off work to be able to be home with me. I was useless. I was a mess, physically and emotionally. Noah Bear was going through a nursing strike too. I was in a bad place, while being in the best place I could be, in his care. He did things for me that I never thought I would have to ask him to do for me. And in a way, I never had to ask. He would see what I needed and then fill that need sometimes even before I could ask. And that the thing, he would give me what I needed, not necessarily what I wanted. He did spoil me a little, sometimes :) He took care of me at my lowest and pushed me at his hardest when it was time. He is good like that. He is righteous. He is loving and caring, strong and just. And that's what I like about him. How he takes care of me and the cubs, how he likes to spoil us but also sets boundaries and protects us, sometimes from ourselves. That is something he's done previously that I greatly appreciated and that made a difference in my life. A certain amount of greatfullness that can't even be expressed.


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