Today there were babies in my house. And it made me happy. Both my niece and nephew came for a visit, with their mamas of course, and even a daddy! It was an unplanned and spur of the moment visit, which are always good.

A very short phone call started it all..."-What are you doing? -Nothing, snuggling with Noah on the couch, he just fell asleeep. -Ok, we are coming over. -Ok, be quiet when you come in. -Ok, Bye. " A man of few words, my brother.  It's so funny to think, 2 of my little brothers are now fathers. It's such a funny feeling, seeing them hold their babies and hearing them talk to the little ones. Their demeanor is changing. Even their interactions with my boys have changed. My little brothers are growing up. And I get to see them do it. I get to see their little ones grow up. I get to give them parenting advice, rather, they are calling me for parenting advice! It feels so good to be needed and to share knowledge that I had to learn and figure out by myself...well with Mom's help. Lending a thermometer or calming down a concern about a rash might seem menial and unimportant but it makes me feel valued and important. So an impromptu drop in visit is great.

It just so happened that I also had supper in the crockpot already and that there was more than enough to share and I still have leftovers! An other coinsidence was that my darling hubby was working a double shift today, so we had been alone all day, the boys and I. So company was very welcomed. It made the evening go by faster.

That and the sound of newborns crying. Haven't heard that in a while, give or take 11 months. It's enough to make my ovaries twitch again. Those tiny hands and little bodies that weigh NOTHING ! Bum patting and half-rocking with shushing and humming.  Warm little bundles that smell of so good! Good enough to make any long, hard, bad day better.

I offered to trade but there was no takers for the testing 3 year old or the crawling and teething 11 month old. I'll take a few sleepless nights over long testing days! Gosh, I love my boys.

Tonight was nice, It felt like family. It was family,

The one in pink is his :) 


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