A conversation to be had. -- guest post by Dustin Brunet

An other note from my wonderful husband, well written I must say. And I do echo what he is saying. - Brig

You may hear things in your day to day life about me. Told to you by others who have their own problems with me and who have anger towards me. I don't care what they tell you and what they think about me. You also need to remember that the people saying these things well to put it simply I would have taken a bullet for them. I would have gone through Hell for them. For some of them I did go through Hell so that they would benefit in the end, that things would be better for them and easier for them.

 So for all of you that are reading this and it is having some sort of an effect on you then all that I ask of you is that if you feel so inclined to follow through with these feelings that have been passed onto you and you were not there to witness what happened then come and talk to me first. I guarantee you will hear a different side of the story. A side that you have not yet come to know. How could you know? The person or people that have told you have only given you one side. I can also promise that I will be straight forward and to the point. I will not over exaggerate. I will not lie to gain your favour. I will simply explain what happened and how I feel about it. I will give you more detail or even give you play by play if that is what is needed. I don't care what situation these things came from but please before jumping on the hate train you need to get all the information and cold hard facts that you can. Only then can you make an informed decision and not act based on what you have been told and how you feel. 

So please come and talk. You know where I live. I may have closed my door to safeguard my family but if you knock i will open my door so that we can converse as respectful ADULTS.  That’s it for now but I feel that there may be more to come. 



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  2. Im sorry you feel that way Karissa. First off, we wrote that agreement to protect our kids, you know, the ones we take care of when we are not at work. At our real jobs. Dustin is Front of the House manager at the restaurant and I am customer service at CT. And no I dont spend all week on one post, I try to have the discipline to write one daily. Honestly we have no interest in walking over and getting insulted by your family in person. I think you and your family have been rude enough to us online, we don't need the verbal abuse. Now like I have written before, if you don't have anything nice, don't say anything at all.

  3. Real jobs? What do you think I do? I am Front of the house manager at a restaurant. My wife has been at CT for years now.
    Take care of my kids. What do you think I leave them alone to fend for themselves all day? When I am not at work I'm spending that time with them. Making sure they are ok and that they are happy. That agreement we wrote out was specifically to protect my family. Your sister proved to us that needed to happen. You sister was here for our help. We were not taking advantage of her in any way. You realy think that having her live here rent free and eating our food and taking my son's room was realy for our benifit? I have no interest in speaking to your family since I've obviously been a problem from the beginning and you all had to tell brooke that I was no good and useless. At least I have my own house. At least I have my own family that loves me and a wife that supports me in every thing I do. Like my post says. If anybody wants to better understand what happened then they are free to come and talk to me because I'm tired of sticking my neck out for those who wouldn't do the same for me. And just based on your comment here you obviously didn't read the post to its fullest. You can't make judgments when you don't have the full story. Yeah yeah you stick up for family but that does not mean that you over look the wrong that they have done to others.
    Grow some balls? I was the one who stopped brooke from doing anything stupid before it happened. I was the one who told her not to worry about the shit that's going on because I was fighting with her against the enemy Satan. If I am the hypocrite in all this then what does that make her or even you? All we did was offer our home as a safe place to go because she couldn't take the crap that was going on at home. So same stands as before you want all the info then come on by. If not then keep your comments to yourself.

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