Wholly Guacamole !

I won my first giveaway, I think it was sometime last month, off of Geeky Girl Reviews. She reviewed Wholly Guacamole. And since I won, they sent me my own care package :)  It came loaded with Guacamole, the regular and the spicy and 100 Cal. packages, some salsa and some cheese dip, a frizbee, a bottle holder, a foam avocado, a shopping list pad and some coasters, along with a hand written postcard from the Guac Squad :) All that was missing was the chips, which we went out and bought right away. The guacamole and salsa was amazing ! We ate a whole bag a chips, right then and there. And we have been savoring it ever since ! It was pretty cool ! Here's a picture of the care package !


  1. WOW you already got it?!

    I knew you would love it lol We hate a whole bag of chips with it in one sitting.


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