Book Review

5 out of 5
A Summer Secret

"A Summer Secret" is a great book for Teenagers and Young Adult. It is the story of an Amish family, The Mullets, and of Sawyer Thompson, a 14 year old boy who ran away from his foster family, after the death of his parent. Sawyer ends up living out of an old abandoned barn, that Mary Beth Mullet and her twin brother Johnny are also using as a retreat from everyday life. The Mullet twins decide to help Sawyer as much as they can by bringing him food and clothing, all without telling their parents. When lightening hits the barn, one stormy evening, and catches fire, Mary Beth and Johnny rush out to his rescue. With the police out looking for him and the Mullets trying to help him, Sawyer runs off again. Will he stay within the Amish community, go back to the foster group home or stay on the run ? Filled with some Amish culture and language. A great story for all that are a bit curious about the Simple way of life.


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