From 2 to 3

Before we made the jump from 2 to 3 children, I asked a few mom friends who already have 3 or more kiddos, how the change went for them. I got very varied answers. For some, the change was barely noticeable, while others experienced udder chaos. Here is how it went for us.

I am a lot more tired. A lot. I am a lot less patient. A lot. It takes us a lot longer to get ready to go anywhere. A lot.  A lot more coffee, a lot more wipes, a lot more dirty diapers and a lot more tears. It's surprising how much one little miss can change a lot of things. The boys are learning to be more patient and to get dressed faster. Im learning to utilize more babywearing to have free hands. Daddy is learning what it's like to have a babe that is totally in love and dependant of you, especially since this one only wants me in order to eat, that's it! And little miss is learning that the world can not revolve around her. We are all learning.

It hasn't been disastrous or unraveling. But it hasn't been a piece of cake either. We are not quite 3 months in, so it's  a process. I'll keep you updated.


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