New normal.

I suppose I still haven't introduced the newest cub here yet. She's made her Instagram and Facebook debuts and loves to dabble into Snapchat but hasn't visited the blog yet! And she's over a month old now already.

That's something that every one who was children will tell you, time goes by so fast. They grow up so fast. The days are long but the years are short. The more babies I have, the faster I think time goes by. With these 3 little ones, I can't even keep track of what day of the week it is!

Add in sleepless nights and no naps during the day, because of course Noah is phasing them out now! It makes for very long days. But; surprisingly, the weeks are flying by and I can't slow them down!  We are about to start "kindergarten" with Samson. Noah is attempting to start potty training and Abigail is here and out of newborn sized clothes!

So, I'll just sit here, at 2:07 am and keep breastfeeding this little miss,  and enjoy the slowness and quietness of the night before the boys wake up and bring the day with them. Here's to our new normal!


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