Being a Big Girl

Today, I was a big girl. I went to my OB appointments all by myself. Hubby has the well-deserved weekend off for a guys weekend fishing trip and bachelor's party. So with some help, I've made it to and from my appointments and feel really good about myself right now.

I advocated for myself. I have been feeling very stressed out and frustrated and overwhelmed lately. The same kind of feels I went through after my first post partum experience. Almost like I can feel it creeping up on me. And it has been scaring me. I kept telling myself it can't be it since I'm not even post partum yet. But my lovely Doctor just informed me otherwise. And she agreed that it's ok. It's ok to feel the way I've been feeling and it's ok to lose it a little sometimes. It's ok to need some time to myself and not to feel guilty about it. It's ok to not to everything in a day. It's ok to cry and scream and deal with myself. It's ok to take medication if I need it. It's all ok. And I will be ok. And so will this little baby.

But most of all, she was glad that I spoke up for myself. Even before there was a big problem and that made me feel good. I am taking care of myself.


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