Ah! The joys...

My feet are so swollen they don't even look like my feet any more. Even my nice muscular legs are joining in on this swollen party and look like logs now! I can't even wear my wedding ring any more either! I really don't recall swelling this much for the boys, it MUST be a baby girl thing!

For this little miss, I have thrown up so much more, had more blood pressure issues, it went low and it went hight! And the amount of insulin I now have to take is almost tripple the amount I was giving myself for Sam!

Everything has been son different this time around!  I know that each pregnancy is different and my body is a little older now and will react differently to a baby at this point. But I just can't get over all of these changes!  I am so much more tired and its been so much rougher on my whole body and mind. Im just thankful that in 4 sweet weeks, this part of the adventure will be over. And this lovely baby girl will greet us with her presence and grant us sleepless nights and full boobs. Much more joys to look forward to!


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