A helping hand.

It takes enough to upset me. I work at a Customer Service desk. I'm use to dealing with people all the time. Some are kind, some a pleasant and some are neither. But that's ok, I can deal with that because they are just random people I have to deal with for a short period of time. At the end of the day, they don't have a part in my everyday life. That's where the issues start... When the people that are being unkind and rude and treating in ways that are hurtful, are part of my inner circle.

I think of myself as a kind person. I don't think that, that is a conceited statement. I try to be the kindest person I can be. I try that with everyone that I encounter. Multiple people have told me that I am kind. Therefore, I believe that I am kind. I will do things to help people, especially people in my inner circle. Especially if I know of them need the help. I will offer all that I have to offer to those who can use my help. I will gladly do so. But, not for the recognition or the glory of it. Because I know that they can benefit from it. It's not about me, it's about them.

I have helped a few people recently. You would think that I wou ld have learnt my lesson a few months ago, when the help we had offered to a friend turned around and ended up being a personal attack on myself and our family. But, no. I helped some others in out inner circle and ended up the one being hurt again. When you help others with specific parameters and those are not respected, I believe that it should be brought up and dealt with in an adult way. Not with lies and omissions and disrespect towards others. I believe I behaved in a nice, polite and mature way, until names are being thrown around and phone calls are hung up in my face. That is when I draw the line. I will no longer let others walk all over me and treat my badly as a result of them knowing that they are in the wrong. I will not accept being lied to and made fun of. My words are serious and if you don't take me seriously, that will be your own doing and fault.

It is pretty sad when others value items and money over the relationship you have with them. That they believe it acceptable to laugh in your face when you tell them you are done. That they have so much disrespect for you and your family to flat out lie to your face with no intention of even hiding it. That is sad. It is morally and socially unflattering and unacceptable. But by all means, if that's what it takes to make you feel better, go ahead and destroy your relationships. People will stop helping you. They will no longer go out of their way to give you a hand. People will cut you out of their inner circles.   I will cut you out of my inner circle. And let me tell you this, once you're cut, it takes A LOT to get back in. I no longer trust you. And trust is big. Trust is not something you can just fake and pretend is all good. Trust can not be earned by simple words and kind actions, it need to be rebuilt. Building anything worth wile takes a long time. And unless you really put effort in it, it will only fall apart again.

I will gladly offer a helping hand if I can help.But not to those who will slap it once the help is received.


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