Starting the New Year off in puking style!

Yes, you read that right. I am starting the new year off by throwing up at least once or twice a day! No, not an eating disorder. We are expecting baby number 3! And morning sickness is just being mean to me! I am surprised that we were able to keep it a secret for so long! Dustin and I found out at the beginning of December, even before my missed period! It was early :) We waited a week or so and had to tell someone!  We told our Pastor :) We knew he would keep the secret with us and that he would support us in prayer. So it helped us wait until Christmas to announce the news to our families. What we did, after multiple searches on Pinterest and Google, was to wrap a big box or big gift bag, and inside it we put a weight and a smaller gift box or bag. Inside the smaller gift was a note. It said: the greatest gifts comen in the smallest packages but your gift is yet too small. It will be on layaway until the summer. We will be celebrating Christmas in July! The look on everybody's faces was priceless as they kept reading the note and started to understand!  Even if I was only 6 weeks pregnant at the time, we still felt it important to tell our families. If anything does happen, we will have their support to face any adversity. That, and some were getting mighty suspicious! 

I am now almost 11 weeks and am already showing off a little bump. There was no way we could of kept this little jingle bellies a secret for the traditional 12 weeks!

Jingle Bellies is the name Samson has given "her". He is positive that it's a baby girl. We have tried to explain to him that it may be an other little brother but he will hear nothing of it. We should be finding out near the end of March.

My personal due date is August 8th but my medical due date is August 5th. The reason for the difference is that my cycle is not a 28 day one but a 31 day cycle. And those few days can make a big difference in the beginning. I have an ultrasound at the end of the month that will confirm an official date.  It's a little frustrating since I am aware of my body and of my dates. And I know when this baby was conceived and I will be told otherwise. But in the end it really doesn't matter since they will be inducing me at 38 weeks anyway!

For now, I  will just keep fighting off the morning sickness and trying to catch a few naps whenever I can!


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