To make me laugh.

Two words or phrases that make me laugh. Hmm. It all depends. Some random things will have me laughing to tears while other obviously funny things don't even make me giggle. Depending on who you ask they might tell you that I am a very stern person while others would label me giggly.  Two words said by one person might make me laugh out loud but those same words from someone else wouldn't even make me smile. It all depends.

Usually, puns get to me. The punnier the better. Or corny little jokes too. Samson has 1 joke that he loves that he's been telling me at least once a day. And of course, like an awesome mama, I laugh EVERY time. It's starting to get a little old, but I still love it.

Why don't bears wear socks ? ? --- Because they have bear (bare) feet!

I love it.
I mostly laugh at silly things the boys do. I laugh a lot at the things that they do. But I don't have specific things that if heard I go into full on laughter.It's got to be pretty funny to get a good laugh out of me! And to get me to snort!


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