Noah Nostalgia

The boys have been sick so I haven't had much time to write. I keep having thoughts and ideas about posts but no time to put words to paper or I suppose words to screen.

Noah has me feeling nostalgic. His first birthday is next week. And he's been doing little things that are showing me he's becoming a big boy. He is crawling every where and standing a lot, walking along the couch and other stationary objects.

The other day, I was wearing a tank top. He stuck his hand in it, looking for the breastfeeding shield. He scavenged for a minute, and looked up at me as in wondering where it went. I told him that my lait-lait was all gone and he gave me a little look and then I offered him his bottle and he was happy.

When he gets sleepy, he starts to "sing" so I know it's time to go lie down and sing to him and he's usually asleep within 10 minutes of hush little baby, be careful little eyes and twinkle twinkle little star.

If hes sitting and playing and all of a sudden starts to clap his hands I know he's happy. Or even if you ask him, are you happy and he starts to clap. So then we sing if you're happy and you know it as he claps along.

He's been actually noticing the tv and laughing and clapping and dancing and singing along to the music and commercials. It's so funny to watching him dancing along.
He's just growing up. My itty bitty little NoNo Bears!


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