I gave it back.

Today, I gave the physiotherapist my cane back. She even said that she could clearly notice a difference in my flexibility and the way that I walk. Then I worked Dustin's shift at the restaurant today, while he stayed home with the boys and cleaned the kitchen -- fair trade if you ask me! Some of the regulars at the restaurant even mentioned that they could clearly see a difference in the way I was walking and standing. It's really encouraging when other people notice your progress. Especially when it doesn't always feel like you are making any. It's a great morale booster.

So, now I no longer have a cast or walking cast, or crutches or even a cane. I am on my own. On my own two feet again. I just have to remember to walk heal-to-toe and to take my time. I am recovering slowly but surely. It's a good feeling to be able to just stand up and walk. It has been a long and hard journey. I am glad it is slowing down and that I no longer need to rely on others for help.

Today, I gave my cane back.


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