Challenge Resumed. Books.

The next topic on the writing challenge I had started but never finished, is to talk about I book I liked and a book I didn't like. Now, that is a hard one for me. I really do enjoy books and reading. I always have. I actually have a whole other blog that is dedicated to reviewing books. On there, you will see most of the books that I read. I don't review all the ones that I read, but most of them anyway. Some I really enjoyed, others not. It's all here. <-- click="" it="" nbsp="" p="">
One book that has stood out for me is more of a trilogy. It's by Phillip Pullman. For some reason, it's known as his dark materials. I didn't find them that dark. I really enjoyed them. You may have seen the first one, they made a movie, but never did all three. I can understand why. It's such a complicated story and hard to follow. I had to read the first book a few times to understand it and actually enjoy it. I have read the whole series a few times. I read the french translations, which is probably why it was harder to understand. I would like to read the original english version some time, when I have the time.(Edit: I just read an article about the books, and I now understand why it's know as His Dark Materials. I find it kinda funny that I never actually connected it all up. I legit enjoyed theses books and yet have strong Christian beliefs I suppose it's due to the fact that I understand that's it's a work of fiction and that's as far as it goes.)

Book 1, The Golden Compass, Book 2, The Subtle Knife and Book 3, The Amber Spyglass.

As for a book I did not enjoy, that's a little harder since I tend to read books that I think I will end up enjoying and I know my reading tastes pretty good. I can't recall on the spot a book that I didn't like at all. I am sure it will come to me at some point. Probably when I am in the shower or somewhere else inconvenient like that. I will come back and add it here when it does. 


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