7 years.

What my life will be like in 7 years.  
I have no idea.

Noah will be 8 years old. Samson will be almost 11. We might have more children. I hope we do. I think we will still be living in the same house. I hope so. I will be 32 years old. We would be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. I don't think Mr. TBone will be with us any more, unless he lives to be over 16 years old. Do dogs live that long? That would be 116 years old. 

I have many hopes for the next seven years. Many dreams and many prayers. 

I would love us to be in a better place financially. That would enlighten our load tremendously. It would empower us to do so many more things and make a big difference now. To not have to watch every dollar in our budget would be so appeasing. 

To be at home full time with the kiddos would be a blessing. To homeschool them and be with them. Or even to be able to work from home would be great. 

All in all, I don't see my life being so much more different in seven years. I am sure that there will be ups and downs and challenges and adventure. But over all, I don't see it being much different. God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. With Him in my life I will not be afraid of what the future holds. I will welcome His will in my life. He has a master plan for my life, for yours too! And I trust that He has only the best planned for me. 

I know that the past seven years have been crazy. 

I graduated high school, moved out of my parents country house to the city and attended college and met Dustin and dropped out of college and he joined the military and we got engaged and married and move to the base and moved back home and he left the military and I had two wonderful babies, we were involved in different ministries and have moved around a bit. But all in all, we are together and happy. Those 7-8 years have been a whirlwind but a fun one. I am ready for the next seven. 


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