Working Hard to Work Out.

My loving husband pretty much completed an ongoing project that he has been working on now for months. Of course, it's not finished finished, I believe no home-renovation project ever is.  Tonight, he moved the gym equipment in to the gym!! Of course, this all started with him making the gym! He took an office and a bedroom in the basement and turned them into one gym. He added light and everything! He redid the walls and painted them and the floor. He put a lot of work into it and I am so proud of him.

 If you check out his Instagram, he posted a video tour of it. It's not all that big but it's the perfect size to work out 3 to 5 people at a time :)

I am very excited to make my way down there and start working out again. It's so bright and encouraging down there. It's no longer a basement-dungeon gym! With a few more finishing touches it will be all that more encouraging. Posters and the gym motto are still to be added.

The best part is, through out the whole process, any update he's given on the gym has had the hashtag #allforthemrs. That's me, the mrs, He did this for me. No, my husband isn't calling me fat. He cares for me and wants me to be the healthiest me possible, for my benefit, for his and for the boys. A healthy wife is a happy wife. That makes is that much more special for me. Especially because it was frustrating some times when he would be down there all evening or afternoon instead of upstairs helping me with the boys, who are always fussier when he's not there! But it's been totally worth it. A family that works out together, is strong together. Much love goes out to him for getting this project one step closer to completion. Can't wait to have our first work out together!


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