Every time I write the word "tattoo" I think of Louis-José Houde's monologue in "Bon Cop Bad Cop" or of the Van Halen song that Samson loved to rock out to. I think that tattoos are ok. I do believe that less is more. But by all means, it's your body not mine.

My husband is inked. And is planning on adding more. And I would like to join him. I am a little frightened about the whole ordeal. But then, the logical side of me kicks in and is like "ok there! You have had 2 kids. One of them without epidural. You have broken multiple bones in one incident and had to inject yourself multiple times a day for months. I think you can handle a tattoo!" 

I have been thinking for a while now about what I want to get. Obviously it's a decision that can't be taken lightly. I always thought about getting a charm bracelet and then I could potentially keep adding charms to it as time went by. But I would want it on my ankle and from what I understand it would be rather painful. So I have put that one on hold.

 Now, that I have a long scar down the outside of my right leg, due to surgeries. I thought that would be the ideal placement and it would hide the scar a bit. And I know that I really like the watercolor art style and I  really wanted the tattoo to reflect on motherhood since the incident happened while I was holding Noah. I found this quote : "Raise your words not your voice. It's the rain that raises flowers, not thunder." So I thought of getting a flower along the line of the scar. And I found multiple pictures on pinterest that could work. But this is the one I like best. Of course I would let the artist draw up his own design. So it would be similar but not identical. I really like the idea of the poppy too. Especially since Noah's birthday is November 11th and because Dustin use to be an Infantry soldier. It touches close to home. So this tattoo would be beyond meaningful. If I ever get it!  This is what I would get.


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