Nemo and Sharky

I have been wanting a cat. I like cats. They snuggle, they're independent and they catch mice. We have a dog. A dog that has too much interest in cats. But hubby said, 1 pet at a time. Which is hard for me, since growing up, we always had multiple pets and multiple kinds of pets too. But pets are responsibilities! So I made my peace with it, no cat. So I just close my eyes when I see a mouse, pretending it's not there.

On Friday, I felt the cat urge again. I messaged him adds of free ones online, funny cat videos. He still said no.

On Sunday, we heard noise in the garage. We know we have mice but it was a louder noise. He checks. He discovers TWO kittens eating from our trash. Two very frightened, very little kittens. He was able to catch one of them within 15 minutes. Poor thing was so skinny and frightened. The second one escaped him. So, he settled her in the bathroom, then we dashed out to the store and got some cat food and litter. He got it all set up for her and we were off for Sunday supper at my parents house. He took an other peek for the second one before we left, no luck.

We get home later on and can't seem to find her anywhere in the bathroom. We search high and low. He finally finds her, Nemo (Samson named her), wedged between the dryer and the wall. Now, while I was searching for her, I moved things around in the corner and ended up moving the cover from the vent opening. We then left her with some fresh food and water and hubby went to resume the search for the second kitten. A few minutes later, I can hear some meowing. I assumed it was the second cat, trying to get in the house. Nope. Nemo was in the furnace vent. It was echoing throughout the house. After half an hour of trips to the basements and the bathroom, removing part of the vent and pretty much scaring Nemo back into the bathroom, hubby rescued her. And recovered the vent hole.

 And then he took an other peek for the other one again. There she was. She was even more scared and skittish. She fought him, bit him, scratched him and made him chase her all over the garage. But he got her. He babied her and snuggled her and tried to calm her down. Her name is Sharky, also named by Samson. She is beautiful.

So now, both of them are in a box in my bathroom. They are still very skittish and will hiss if you try to hold them. Neither really seems to know or understand what the litter is, we are Wednesday night and it's still clean. He have been cleaning up the messes. Today, he bought them some squeaky toys. I can hear them from the living room playing with them.

There is a verse somewhere in the Bible, that says that God will give you the desires of your heart. I did not pray for a cat, let alone 2. I didn't feel right undermining my husband and asking God to give me a cat.  And his stance on the matter was pretty firm. We were not going to go get a cat. But these kittens came to us. They needed a safe, warm and welcoming home. And he decided to take them in. I was ready to "foster" them, until such homes could be found. But, my animal-loving, compassionate and caring husband told me we were keeping them, both. Poor things don't deserve to be separated. So, God gave little old me 2 cats. And the challenge and responsibility of not letting the dog eat them of caring for them.   If God will grant me my husband, not one but two, kittens, what will he grant to you?



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