It's 2am and I'm still coloring.

This new Bible Journaling thing is addictive ! I'm still on the Proverbs Challenge, today (well it's sorta tomorrow now!) is the 5th so Chapter 5. It took me a bit of time to come up with the design because my Chapter 5 is split up on two pages, front and back. And the verse that jumped out at me was on the back side and the space I had was on the front. And I already had some of Chapter 4 on the front page. So after some pondering, I simply decided to combine both. The verse in Chapter for is about how the sun shines brighter and brighter as the day goes on, so we should try and do more and more good as our life progress, so I drew a path leading to the sun that was itself getting brighter and brighter between two mountains. (verse 18)  For Chapter 5, the verse is about staying faithful in your love for your wife, letting her love always making you happy and how her love holds you captive from other women's love. (verse 19) It also compares the wife as a graceful deer. So I drew a stag and a doe in love. I actually traced them. I just love how it all turned out.

I also added color to the other page, the sketch that I did yesterday on Proverbs 4, verse 6. I am also pretty happy how the shield turned out. I would of liked the wisdom letters to pop out a bit more but I was using coloring pencils so it's not as vibrant as markers and pens...but those tend to bleed through. I have yet to invest in all the fancy journaling supplies :) 

Here is a view of both pages. I think I am starting to get the hang of this. 

You can also check out my instagram, I have been posting them there too! 


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