Irresistible Attention

Today is about someone who fascinates me. A lot of people intrigue me, in the things that they do, the decisions that they make. It would be nice to understand them. But fascination, what does that really mean ? Google says "draw irresistibly the attention and interest of (someone)." Now, who can I not resist giving my attention to ? Who demands my interest on a daily basis ? More like someones. Those two little boys of mine fascinate me. I spend my days with them. Watching them interact with each other. They learn new things every day. Today, Noah crawled behind me, all the way to the kitchen. That was a first. Today, Samson discovered how a stencil works. He also discovered that pumpkins can be painted and that pencils will break inside if you drop them or use them to drum on the table. 

Everyday, theses little boys fascinate me. They teach me new things every day. Things like, my patience can stretch more then I thought it could or ever would. Things like, it's okay to not eat veggies at EVERY meal. Or, even, that coloring a nice big picture with only one color is okay too. We must be fascinating each other. Especially since Samson loves asking a gazillion questions a day and that Noah just soaks up every little bit of knowledge you show him. These guys, they keep me on my toes. And I am trying my best to keep them on theirs!


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