I remember when...

Today I am to write about my earliest memory. It's funny because I was talking about this with my mom recently. There are a few memories that have stuck with me that are all jumbled up. I wasn't sure I was remembering them right or if they ever even happened or when they happened.

I remember going to Parc Safari. I remember two of my brothers being there. One, I shall not name him, cried the WHOLE time. We had our faces painted, his was full of streaks. We stayed in a hotel room. I remember getting ready for bed that night, deciding who would sleep with who.

I remember putting on a tap dancing show, when we lived in Bryson. Actually, most of those early memories come from that house. That house is gone now. They tore it down. It's just an empty corner lot now. I remember getting my new princess bed, but I didn't want it. I wanted my old one back. I threw a fit. I can see myself crying and screaming as I watched from an upstairs window as my old bed drove away. I remember a birthday, in mom and dad's bed and receiving a pink hair dryer, curler, brush and comb. I still have the curler. I remember coming down the stairs in the night before Easter and seeing dad hang up my Easter dress from the Bunny, I called him out on it. I remember yelling at him that it was ALL A LIE! That I would refuse to wear that dress. But I actually couldn't wait to put it on. I loved that dress. I wore it out. It was white with black splotches and a yellow ribbon and it came with a purse. I remember dad coming home from business trips with gifts, like my pink umbrella-dress doll that played music and twirled. I remember my SVT episodes in that house. I remember playing outside with the neighbor kids.

I also remember a small black dog. Not sure in what house, since we moved a lot. She was small and had pooped in the dirty laundry and mom was mad. And I was in the way. I think the dog's name was Cherie. There was an other black dog, Barney. And Bobinette and Azoo. And Sammy. And Bear. And all the cats.

There are some memories that I am unsure if I actually remember them or if I have been told the stories so many times that I have imagined them. I don't know if I remember my grandfathers. Both passed away when I was 2 years old. I think I might remember eating toast with jam at the restaurant. I think I remember eating puff cookies at the furniture store. But I'm not sure. I hope that they are real, they are all I have of them.

I wonder what Samson will remember. I know he remembers stuff from over a year and a half ago. He still talks about it. But will he remember them in 20 years ? As for Noah, I will remember his smiles and giggles and sleepless nights, with both of them. I will remember being so tired and worn out from their little newborn cries that I joined in too. I will remember singing and rocking them to sleep and all those snuggles and kisses. I hope they remember them. I hope they remember them forever.


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