I am a Stone -- Guest Post by Dustin Brunet.

Here is an other post from my dear husband. Even though he does have a blog of his own, I really don't mind sharing mine with him sometimes. If it can provide an outlet for him as it does for me, all the better. Well-expressed people are less grumpy :) - Brig

Over the past few days I have barley ate, I haven't slept much. All because of what happened a few days ago. Loosing friends is never easy. Hurtful things were said. From all parties. We all felt hurt and betrayed. But God is working here. Last night while surfing YouTube and listening to music to try and keep my mind occupied, I stumbled on a song. This song is I am a stone by Demon Hunter. Now Demon Hunter is one of my all time favorite bands. So I have no idea how I never came across this song before. I even searched through all my CDs to see if it was on any of the one I have, but I don't. But God showed me something. I now know I never actually let go of past events involving loosing friends. I'm still hurt by them and as much as I say that all is forgiven I never truly let it go and gave it to God. I've always felt like I have unfinished business.
But the fact of the matter is that it is finished. It happened and now it's done with. It's all in God's control.He has control over our lives and will allow certain things to happen to allow better things to come our way. Like here, God has shown me that I need to learn to truly forgive and let go. Now this doesn't mean I will be friends again with certain people or even fully trust them again. But we are all sinners and we are all God's children and I am called to love my neighbor as my brother and to forgive as God forgave me by sacrificing His own son Jesus Christ. 
So now I am feeling a while lot better that a ton of weight was lifted from my chest. And all in the comfort of the love and protection of my Lord. I know now that I am stronger than I used to be. That is why I am a stone.

Here is the song with Lyrics. 

I am a stone by Demon Hunter. 



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