Dream house.

Today's challenge is to write about some where I would like to live but that I have not visited yet.
The only "big" places I have been to are New York city, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. So those places are out.
I have been thinking about where I would want to live, if it could be anywhere in the world it wouldn't matter where it would be. As long as we would be together as a family it really wouldn't matter. We could be living in an Italian Villa or in a hut in Kenya. Or maybe a castle in Dublin or a Nagaya in Japan. The point is, we would be happy anywhere as long as we would be together. It would be fun to go on an international adventure or we could move to the next province over. 

But if I really had to pick, I would probably pick the Italian Villa. The food, the scenery, the culture, the food. 


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