Catching up.

I have some catching up to do. I am a few days behind on the 30 day writing challenge. I do plan to keep going. I might combine a few posts into one but I will get it done.

An other kind of catching up has been happening in this house. Noah has been crawling all over the place. He likes going to the kitchen and hanging out by the dishwasher and the dog food. I don't think he has tasted any yet, well, I hope not. He likes standing in the fridge and on the step stool. And he can crawl pretty fast if he feels like he's being followed ! So I always have to catch up to him.

Samson has been sick so it has been easier to keep up with him. A lot of snuggles and naps and nights spent up with him. That's partially why I need to catch up on writing again. Life took over.


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