Bible Journaling

I have recently discovered the art of Bible Journaling. It is so pretty and rught up my alley. I love lettering and doodling. I just lack all the fancy supplies!  And a Journaling Bible would be handy too, but my studyone willdo for now. Its already full of.colorful notes and underlines.

I just  have to make sure that I stop comparing my work to the workof others. Bible journaling is a form of worship. You don't compare yours with others worship. Its different. I can find inspiration in others art but cant compare. If you seach it ib pinterest you will see what i mean.

So far I have started a Proverbs challenge
For the month of October, one chapter a day. So far im not really in lovewith my artwork but it will get better with time and the right tools.

Right now, i am using Samsons art supplies so basically im spending my time constantly sharpening crayons since hes ALWAYS dropping them or hitting with them! .no good! I need my own pens and crayons and suppliers then im good to go!


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