Why? I must get asked that question a hundred times a day and that is no exaggeration. And he doesn't tire himself of it. He's a little spunge absorbing all the information in that we give him. Ine thing I have noticed is that I can't get frustrated of him asking or get sarcastic in my answers. All he truly is doing is trying to understand. And confusing him with my answer or discouraging him of asking isn't beneficial to his understanding.

Although it is testing at times , especially if I know he already knows the answer or if we are watching a movie and needs to understand why a character does something, he is looking for reassurance. Is what they are doing acceptable to do? Is the answer still going to be the same today? These little answers are shaping his personality and how he understands the world around him.

Some of his questions are even making me think. Of course he will not take "I don't know" as an answer. And sometimes they are hard to answer. Yesterday, as we drove by a cemetery,
he asked why we had gone there.
(We hadn't actually gone to that specific cemetery but an other one, over a year ago.)
So I told him we had gone to bury Matante Josée.
He wasn't sure if he remembered her. But then he asked why we had burried her.
Because she was sick and she died.
Ok. (He understands death.)
But why did we have to bury her?
Well... (this one took me a sec, why do we bury people?)
Because when God made Adam he made him from dirt, remember?
So God said that because he made us from dirt that we would go back to it when we die. Oh ok.
And the conversation was over.

That's some pretty big stuff for a three year old to understand. But he was satisfied with the answers. Im sure that as he sat in his car seat he must of pondered it a bit more but he was quiet.
Sometimes, no. ALL the time, it is worth taking the time to explain things to him. It is shaping his understanding and he is learning . These are important conversations and I  really wouldn't want him to be having them with anyone who wouldn't put the effort into it.


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