today I am trying.

Today is one of those days. I know I am behind on blog posts and there are a lot of things that have happened in the last week that I need to get off my chest but I just haven't had time. And today is no better.

Yesterday I had surgery. My leg hurts. I have prescription pain killers but I can't take them because I am alone with the boys and don't know how my body will react to them so I'm not taking them, so my leg hurts.It's after 6pm and Noah still has not napped yet. Samson has had I don't know how many time outs. They both have finally settled down for 5 minutes so I can type this out. Everything today has been off. I am trying to not be grumpy or yell at the boys. I am trying to be happy and thankful that I can walk again. I am trying to be ok. I am trying. I might be failing but I am trying.

 (Where is Dustin?) He's gone hunting. That does not upset me or frustrate me. We could use the meat in the freezer. And he can use the thinking time. He's out there to provide for us, not for sport or play.

(where is Noah?) Under the couch. I have to go rescue him.


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