my love.

My husband has had a lot to put up with over the past 4 months, well maybe past 8 years. He is such a great father to our boys. He is working hard on being the head of our household. He is doing a great job becoming who God wants him to be. It's a daily challenge to be the best YOU you can be. He is strong and comforting. He is kind and passionate. He is sweet and he is funny. He is handsome and he is bearded. 

 He loves me and supports me, encourages me and makes me mad sometimes. He cares for me and will do anything for me and I for him. We have a running joke that I owe him a lot next time he gets hurt and needs help! I know he's done a lot for me, even stuff no man should ever have to do. And I just want to tell him how much I appreciate him and what he has done for me. I understand that people will always judge and comment on things they don't fully understand. That's fine. But I want them all to know that my husband is not lazy, he's not selfish or mean. He is a great cook, a good provider and my rock. And I want to tell him in front of all of you because he deserves the respect and admiration. I love you hun. I love you. 


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