My life is like a plate.

Life as a Plate.

A nice beautiful plate, maybe not fine China but at least a Corel with a nice pattern. And I have given you this plate, entrusted it to you. And it was fine, you used it and dirtied it but also washed it and put it on a shelf. But then one day, you dropped it. And it shattered, in a zillion pieces.

You eventually said you were sorry about breaking it. You tried to fix it a little, but it couldn't be glued back together. Saying you are sorry unfortunately doesn't put the plate back together. And even if it does somehow get back together, it will never be whole again, it can't be. Some small slivers have vanished into dust and will never be the same again.

I will accept your apology, I truly will. And I won't just dismiss it. I will cherish it. But it will not suffice to put the pieces back together. But, truly, thank you for listening to me and finally understanding.

On second thought, I am fine China. Not just department store branded. I am worth more than that.


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