Little moments

Delighting in the little things is something I have been really working on lately.  Wether it be Noah giving me a snuggle just because or Samson being kind and gentle to Noah.  Or even sitting outside watching the sun come through the apple tree branches while daddy and the boys are picking apples. Its this warm blanket covering my toes on this chilli Saturday afternoon. It feels like Summer is done and Autumn is beginning. It is September after all.

This summer has been frustrating for me. I had big expectations for it. Renovations, road trips, gardening and most of all, I wanted to start being healthy again. I wanted to start training for next years Spartan race. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to get my PCOS and by diabetes under control. I weight more now then when I was pregnant. That is sad. Especially considering that I lost a considerable amount of weight while I was pregnant and managed to put it all back on months after he was born.

The one thing we have done this summer is change our eating habits. We have cut out most, almost all of processed foods from out diets. I noticed that I am able to eat less now and drink more water. This is something we have done as a family and that has facilitated the transition a lot. O really think it has made a difference for us. I have been sedentary all Summer. I truly have. I laid in bed for a month feeling miserable for myself and binge watching Pretty Little Liars by myself, to sitting on the couch the rest of the time. You would think that I would have put some more weight on. Surprisingly I haven't. So that's a start. Just wait until I can walk again!

So maybe the summer of my 25th year is not what I had intended it to be. But there is always next year. And my super duper hubby is almost done the gym renos in the basement.


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