Helping Others

In every relationship there is a give-and-take exchange. In a thriving relationship, the giver and the taker take turns. It’s actually great when both people involved mutually help each other out with their needs. I would almost say it’s harmonious. But what happens when the tables stop turning? When one person doesn’t respect the other’s needs or even yet, doesn’t seem to even realize that the other has specific needs or even does recognize them and chooses not to meet them. Attitude comes into play again. Conflicts most likely will arise.  Things are now far from harmonious.

When standards are set and not respected, natural consequences will happen. If consequences are not dealt with, unfortunately more consequences do arise. They are not fun to deal with and honestly, they are not supposed to be. How is one supposed to learn if everything is fun and easy? They won’t. If everything is handed to you, how will you learn to work for it?
 No wonder most of today’s society feels entitled to it all, children are handed everything before they even know how to ask for it. Children less than ten years old have cell phones, tablets and the newest gadgets given to them. Yes, Ask and you shall receive, but I’m pretty sure Jesus was talking about wisdom, knowledge and other attributes. Jesus isn’t Santa Clause. He won’t enable you to be gluttonous, selfish or support envy.

How do you fix the help scales? Do you reciprocate the negative attitude? Do you keep helping without receiving help? Do you end the relationship? You put the other person’s needs before yours. You show them love and compassion. Kindness and respect is what they need.
Where I hesitate is when they clearly need help but will not accept it, when they are choosing not to make the right choices and to go back to destructive behaviors. You can’t force someone to accept a helping hand and much as you can make them change their attitude, behavior or character.
 It’s simple as ABC. Attitude, Behavior and Character make up a person. Each has their own unique combination. That’s a great thing. Oh how it would be bland if we were all the same. We do need variation, that’s what makes up our society. But choosing to have the wrong attitude with bad behaviors and strong character might not be the best of choices. Like I have said before, we all have a sinful nature, no one is perfect. But we should all be striving to be the best person we can be. We should be trying to do the most good in the world that we can and that all starts with our own selves. To show love to others is a lot easier to do when we love ourselves.

I know I’m all over the place with this one. I have a lot on my mind tonight. I don’t even think I have a clear point I’m trying to make anymore. So I guess we can just write this one off as a general vent? 


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