Setting expectations for yourself is one thing. Having expectations for others is an other all together. Living up to your expectations, again, is one thing.  And living up to someone else's expectations is an other matter in it's self.

Right now, I feel caught up in all of those. And I don't know what to feel any more.

I can not please everyone, but should I be trying to? Should I just do what is right for me, when I am also  trying to put others needs before mine?  Should I be expecting the same from others?  Or do I just try my best to do it all, deal with it all ? So, then is it appropriate for me to expect that from others in return?

Maybe I can just sit here and look out the window again today. Although it's not stiring up the same feeling as it was before. It's pretty grey out there today. A little somber and dark. I know the weather can affect how I feel but this is more than that. I am not feeling sad or depressed. I am feeling lost in thought and unsure what to think anymore.

Go with the flow or go against it? Swimming against the current is going to be harder but the rewards in the end will be better. Or swimming with it with every one else might be more enjoyable but worth less in the end.
I need to be putting God first. His expectations are what I should be living up to. He says a lot of things in the Bible. There are a lot of instructions. That's probably why it's often referred to a guide book, a manual for life. So that's what I am trying to do. Bare with me as I try to figureit all out.


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