Is there anything better than a sleeping baby on your chest. All nice and cozy and warm.  Smelling nice and sweet. Litte eyelashes all fanned out perfectly. Little mouth moving in rhythm with the pacifier. Little fingers clinging to the neck of my shirt. He is still so little but not for long. He already wants independence.

Just like his big brother. He's more independent every day. With each day going by, he gets bigger and smarter and closer to being a big boy. People keep asking him when he's going to school and seemed shocked when they find out that he's only 3. He is a polite little boy that can count to 13. He knows his ABCs and can write his name with a  little help. (He forgets the order  of the letters but knows all of them ). Basic shapes he has no  problem with, he just confuses hexagons and octagons.  Colors he sometimes still mixes up pink and purple but he knows them all.

I just wonder sometimes if I am teaching him too much too fast. Ultimately, we would like to homeschool the boys. So then it's not a concern. But if he does end up going to school, is he doing too much? All I remember doing in kindergarten is coloring and cutting lines in paper and playing. We didn't do much. I don't want him to be bored or not challenged enough. He loves to learn.

I don't want to come across like "my son is so smart, he advanced for his age...he's smarter then your child", not by any means. I just dont want to mess thingsup for him. Push him to his potential or let him watch tv all day? Obviously there has to be some balance.

I guess I'm just looking for reassurance. I am I doing this mom thing right? I think I am. I just don't want to fall into that comparing game. Every family is different and functions differently. Even then, basing it off what you see on the outside can be very misleading. So. In the end, I will do my best, to the best of my abilities and hope it's enough.


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