A big critique I received yesterday was that my "behaviour" on social media was not one of a Christian. That I was attacking my family and friends and that I was supposed to be forgiving and helping others that have lost their way. That the fact that I am wanting to put distance between my family and people that are impacting us negatively is not "right" for me to do.

Frankly, all I wrote was an announcement that we wouldn't be hosting anything for a while and the reasons why. Along with a small vent about the way I had been treated. I didn't attack any one, bash any one or for that matter mention any one specificly in my post.  The words "family " and "friends " are not even present.  What I wrote was defensive. It was not ment to be an attack on anyone. It really threw me for a loop that so many people had issues with it. It wasn't an "attack " it was a defense and all I received in response was to be attacked.

I have heard a wonderful quote, told to me by a wonderful lady, about attitude. About how you can't control how people react. That is up to each individual to control their own attitude. I can control my own feelings and reactions and it's my responsibility to do so.

Being a Christian, for me, means that I believe in God and that Jesus laid down His life for mine. It doesn't mean that I have to put up with other people's drama and have to spend time with them. It means that if I feel that the presence of other people in my life is having a negative impact on me or my children, I will distance us from them. I doesn't mean we don't care or love them, it means for our own sake, we need space. Helping others is important too but you cant help others if you yourself aren't in the right place mentally, physically or spiritually.

What I believe in and how I choose to live my life will impact my husband and my children first. They are my priorities . God first. Spouse and children next. I will put them before me. Just like they will put me before them. That's how it's supposed to be. It's all about the love. And before me and after them comes you. Every one else. I will try my best to show you love like Jesus did. I can show you love from far away or up close.
There are many types of love and they can all be manifested in different ways. A smile, a kind word, a simple gesture or act of kindness. I try to wear LOVE every time of day.

Key word here is TRY. I am a human. I was created with a sinful nature and have to try hard to be like Jesus. Just because I believe that He is the Way, Truth and Life and that my goal is to be like Him, doesn't mean that I will be perfect in all that I do. Nobody can be perfect. Jesus was the only one to ever be. So I will fail and fall. But I will get back up and TRY. I will struggle but it will strengthen me.

What everyone witnesses is only part of my battle. There is much of it going on inside my mind and heart. And I do find it hurtful that some will judge me and the way I act differently just because I Believe and because I am actively trying to be a better person. But I will not judge you in return. No. It's not up to me.

I will put God first. My little Family next. You. And then me. What you do is up to you. In the end we will be held accountable for our choices.


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