Today we play. We have built a tower. Well, more like a Beanie Baby condo. I think I have put the most effort into it and care the most about the soundness of the structure. Especially since a certain daddy and Sam are currently tossing balls at it just waiting for it to collapse. Noah played Godzilla earlier, tearing out the occupants and chewing on them. It's a family play time on the living room floor. It's nice and cozy.

And then thoughts of recent news come into mind. That poor little 2 year-old girl. How could there be such evil in this world. How could someone do such hurtful things to such an innocent one. Where is the justice?  Where is the love? 

No. I will not say " where is God in all of this?" He is there. In the middle of it all. Just as saddened as you and me, if not more. His own creation has turn on itself.
His children are harming themselves and others and the rest of his creation.

God gave us freedom of  choice. He gave us His creation and we have marred it. He gave us His love and most are refusing Him. He gave us His one and only Son and people redicule Him still today. People are doing bad things, not God. He allows us to do what we please. He does not control us. We are free to choose.

Choose wisely my friends. Choose wisely.


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