New Chapter

So, we have recently begun a new chapter in our lives. We had been living with my husband's parents, in their house in the country since July of last year. The plan was that they would be moving out to the city shortly after we had moved in. Fast forwards to March, they are officially moved into their apartment in the city! Which means we have this big house to ourselves now! Kiddos have been adjusting okay, I'm sure it's hard on Nana and Pawpa too! This Mama misses the extra help with the little one for sure! But it is also nice to be back to our own little family. We have decided to freshen things up a little in the house, to make it our own. We can't really paint or take on major projects at this time, since it's STILL winter and we can't open the windows or do much that would disturb the little babe, since he's still only a few months old! So far we have rearanged the living room and moved things around in the kitchen and bathroom, nothing big but slowly it is becoming more like "ours". I am finally getting a chance to unpack some of our boxes that have been in storage for the last 6+ months. It's like finding new treasures every time I open a new box! Yesterday I found my wax warmer ! It smells of pumpkin spice in here :) Picture frames and home decor, curtains and more! We are discussing renos we want to do in the spring, which would include a whole bathroom re-do and big changes in the basement! It is all so exciting but yet a little overwhelming, pipes from the hot water tank busted 2 days ago, poor hubby was down there for hours trying to sodder and fix the pipes. So water was turned off for a while, very annoying when you've got laundry on the go and are trying to make supper and have a crying babe and whinny toddler and you need to wash your hands ! Took him a few tries but he got it done and it's all good now! I'm going to try and update as we start our projects and especially post before and after pictures!


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