Ground Beef

While cooking ground beef to make shephards pie the other day, I came upon a funny realizations. For the first part of this pregnancy, just the thought of ground beef would make me sick, didn't matter if it was raw or cooked, the sight, the smell and just the idea of it made me sick. That sorta stopped around the 20 week mark or so. Then, for the second half of my pregnancy, one of my biggest cravings have been cheeseburgers, more specifically the bacon cheeseburgers on pretzel buns from Wendy's, but in the end, any cheeseburger would do. And one of the main ingredients in a cheeseburger, other than the cheese is the burger, made of ground beef! I thought that this was a very funny realization. And now that I'm in the homestretch, 5 more weeks to go, I think I'm pretty indifferent to ground beef. Cheeseburgers don't do it for me anymore and while cooking it, I really couldn't care less about it! That's where I stand on ground beef.


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