Commitment issues ?

So, I've totally been failing at keep this blog updated (ie.: Pregnancy Announcement once already at end of second trimester!) The worst part is, I've actually been mentally writing blog posts in my head and just never making it online with them. Call it lack of time or having other priorities or plain old commitment issues, I've been having a hard time getting here. Even tonight, I signed in and then decided to catch up on blogs on my dashboard first, then update the blog it self, change some pictures, update some tickers and so on, and I'm only now, 2 hours later, actually writing a post!

So many things have happened since I was last posting regularly it's almost hard to believe. And to do one "Catching Up" post wouldn't do it justice. But I think it's what I'm going to do :) How about bullet form at that!
Here it goes :

  • We moved out of our tiny 2 bedroom duplex and back into my in-laws house.
  • In-laws were planning on moving out by end of August, but are still here.
  • Sister-in-law has also moved back in to the house.
  • Mama's hit the third trimester and is high risk again.
  • Sam's peaking in the terrible twos.
  • Daddy had no job but then had two offered at once.
  • Mama is sick and tired of her job. 
  • We started attending a new Church since the last one had issues with us.
  • Mama hasn't been able to sew or craft in almost two years now.
  • Mama accomplished her goal to read through the Bible in less than a year.
That about sums it up, although I'm sure I've probably missed some important stuff, it will come back to me probably around 4am when I get up to pee (again!). I could possibly do a post about each bullet point, might be helpful and help me vent out some of the pressure issues that are currently pressing down on me. But we'll see how my well I can commit to just sticking around more! 

I have been meaning to just come here and vent and write out all my complaints and issues but by the time I get to it, I've dealt with most of it and writing it out just stirs up the flames again and gets me all mad and all and I need to start the calming down process all over again! So, next time, I'll try and come here first and get it all out! 

But for now, I think I'm done.


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