Auntie Ann's Posse!

I am participating in the relay for life this year, in support of Ann, my husband's Dustin's aunt.This past year she battled esophageal cancer and after 6 rounds of chemo and a very long and hard surgery and lots of recovery time, she is now CANCER FREE. Auntie Ann is a strong lady, one that can't pass down a helpless animal in need or a goat that needs a home. She is know in the community as the one who gives a home to many potbelly pigs or goats or even a horse that are in need of one. She is a spunky, colorful dress and rubber boot wearing diva! She has fought off cancer and will be walking with us!!  Please donate/sponsor our team, Ann's Posse. In support of a great cause!! Message me to donate in person or visit the online donation page here.


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