So I had this great blog post...

So, like the title indicates, I had a great blog post, almost done writing it out, in word so all I had to do was copy and past it to here, and of course, I hadn't saved it as I went, of course not! Well the computer decided to reboot. So now I have to start all over again, and I don't really want to. I'm sorry, I'm not in a very charming mood. Not just about the post being gone, but many other things as well. (Frustrated sigh). I was talking about how my darling kiddo is now 2. And a few things that have to be done now, (stopping the co-sleeping, getting rid of the pacifier) and about how people in our life now assume that we should have an other child. Not like we haven't been trying to conceive again for the last year or anything. It was three years until God blessed us with Samson, so I'm expecting it to take a little time to have an other child. But we are hoping it happens soon. My 24th birthday is this Thursday, the 30th. And I was hoping to have all our children before my 30th birthday, and we are hoping for at least 2 more. So I guess we better get on it!

But for now, I will delight in my little man and enjoy every snuggle, (like right now) and every shared snack, and every tantrum and terrible two moment, because, like everybody keeps reminding me, he's going to grow up way too fast! He already has.


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