Other Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Posting Regularly.

Hey there new followers J 
Here is another reason (excuse) why I have not been posting on here regularly. We don’t have internet at home.  Which makes it harder to post since this is “on the line”. Sorry, we watched “The Internship” recently, and I thought that line was kind of funny! But, yeah, we don’t have internet. And I don’t have data on my phone either!! “Oh my goodness, how am I still alive!?!” is what you might be wondering. Well, there is this thing called a library, down the street from where we live, it has internet, so does my mom’s restaurant and my in-laws, and McD’s and Timmies have free WiFi. So I’m not totally deprived, just slightly. J

When we moved 2 years ago, we thought for sure we would be miserable without it, since we were so used to googling everything and I was addicted to every game on Facebook. But we survived. So now, we simply can’t justify the expense since we know we can manage without.  That and I don’t really want to add to our expenses until all of our debt is paid off. Not that we have an incredible amount, but why add to it when we can be getting rid of it, right? 

So that’s why I don’t respond to emails right away, it sometimes takes two or three days for me to check them. That’s why I’m not on Facebook every day to comment or like or share everything, it’s also why my Pin boards are suffering and of course, why my blog has been neglected.  So, how am I managing these somewhat regular posts ? I’m pre-writing them, either on the laptop or on my phone (which takes forever!) and saving them and then when I get the opportunity, I publish them online (On the Line). (Couldn’t resist lol) So that’s how I manage without internet at home.



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