Grace by Max Lucado

by Max Lucado
Grace by Max Lucado is a phenomenal book. He goes through all of the aspects of God's grace towards us. Now, if you have read any of Max Lucado's books before, you know you won't be left unsatisfied or with more questions than you had before. He will leave you with a sense of familiarity not only with the subject he's talking about but with him as well. And if you have yet to read him, not only do I highly recommend any of his writtings but you are in for a grace awakening! Grace is the unwarranted, undeserved, love and forgiveness and power from God above to us, sinners of the world. Through Jesus Christ, His Son, God sends us his Grace. Max explores what life without grace is like and we discover with him what it's like to allow God's grace to wash over us. Everyday, His grace fall over us, wave upon wave.

I am having a bit of a hard time writing this review. Don't get me wrong, the book and it's teachings were great, inspiring and thought provoking. It was also an easy read. I find this familiar feeling, like I was saying before, when reading Max Lucado. But, I can't do GRACE justice by simply writing about it. It's the type of book you have to read for yourself. It's worth it. You will get a fresh new understanding of what God's Grace is all about. Like the cover says, it's more than a girl's name or something mumbled before meals. It's God's ultimate gift to us. We should try and understand it and appreciate it as much as we can. So go out there and find yourself a copy (you can borrow mine if you want!) and read it. You'll love it.


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