BBC's The Hour Review

BBC's The Hour
Coming to DVD September 27, The Hour, is an intriguing, sexy and original, edge-of-your-seat spy thriller set in the world of television journalism in 1956 Britain. The two-disc DVD set includes two featurettes : a behind-the-scenes look at the miniseries, a making of special and much more.
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Synopsis: Set behind the scenes of the BBC newsroom, just as an investigative news program is launched, the drama plots the personal lives, professional interplay and jealous ambition between aspiring but renegade journalist Freddie Lyon (Whishaw), the beautiful ambitious young producer Bel Rowley (Garai) with whom he is in love, and his handsome rival Hector Madden (West) , the face and lead anchorman of this rising television news team. The Hour plays out as a riveting thriller set against the backdrop of the cold war. 

Viewers witness the decade on the threshold of change - from the ruthless sexual politic behind the polite social facade of the '50s to the revelation that redefines the world for a new generation. Over the six episodes, the interplay and intense ambitions between the rising news team plays out against the backdrop of a mysterious murder and Freddie's controversial and dangerous investigation. 

My review: I watched The Hour recently, as part of a review for BBC. I can not say that I really enjoyed it much. It's not really the type of show I usually watch and it took quite a bit to interest me. I found it was slow to start and hard to keep watching. Although I did like the time period and the costumes and the British accents, it just won't make it to my favorites list. 


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