The Principal of the Path by Andy Stanley, A Book Review

The Principal of the Path by Andy Stanley, How to get from where you are to where you want to be. 204 Pages, including the study guide. I really enjoyed reading this book and have personally learnt a lot from it. It's about a simple principal that is often overlooked, especially by the people of my generation. We simply don't make the connection that the path will lead where it leads, the destination will not change depending who's on it. And if that's the path we chose, that's where we will end up. And that same path will lead to the same place, every time. This principal not only applies to us geographically, but in all the aspects of our lives. It is as simple as "You reap what you sow". It pretty much comes down to "Direction - Not Intention- Determines our Destination." Andy Stanley does a great job explaining what the principal is, how it affects our lives and how to direct our lives as to not get lost on the paths we choose, and choosing the right paths. And the book includes a Life-Application Study Guide. This is definitely a good one to read! And it's very enjoyable too, full of self-realization moments.


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