Well, If you haven't heard...

I'm finally pregnant ! There is a baby in my belly and it's been there for a bout 3 months now ! We are very excited ! We have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years and it finally happened.

I've had my first pre-natal exam and first round of blood work done as well as our first ultrasound! Things are going fast. I'm taking my pre-natal vitamins everyday  when I remember to. And with the whole diabetes thing, it's being kept under control by the baby. Some how, it's taking over all of my excess sugar that I usually take medication to keep down, so I don't need to take my medication at the moment. But if anything changes, I'll then have to go on insulin injections, but that's not in the picture as of now. So far, I've lost 8lbs, which is not a bad thing and has been doctor ok'd, as long as I stay within the 15lbs mark, no losing more or gaining more than 15lbs. So things are going great so far.

We've already received a baby car seat and we've checked the expiry date and it's good for an other year but we do plan on getting it inspected before we put the baby in it. We have names picked out as well, Samson if it's a boy and Abigail if it's a girl. Both are Biblical names and hold great meanings and values. Hopefully the baby will take after them :)

Here are a couple of pictures to keep you coming back : )    


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