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Well hello there, dearest neglected blog. I figured it would be time to send out an update to the blogging world, It's me, I'm still alive, although my body is very sore and very tired.

 I have started working again. It all happened so fast, God was opening all the doors for me, it seems. I put my application in on Sunday morning at the local Canadian Tire Store. I got a call on Monday morning asking me to come in Tuesday morning for an interview and then an other call on Friday morning telling me that I got the job and was starting Monday afternoon, that was this past Monday and today is Thursday, my fourth day of work this week :) So all of the was a bit mind boggling, the new job, the starting right away and then the new training and all of the new information.

It's alot. and then Monday night, I worked out with Holly, a friend from Church. And it was a really good work out. We're Thursday and I'm still sore. We did 5 sets of 8 reps for bench press, my max was 75lb.. Then we did some leg press, again 5 sets of 8 reps, then my max was 300lbs. something I've never done before, my usual max is around 75-85lbs!! Then we went back for some incline bench where we only did 3 set of 8 reps, where my max was 45lbs. And I think that was it. I was exhausted after that. Then, on Tuesday I did Praise Moves, which is a Christian Yoga Alternative, but I was only able to do 45 minutes of it (it's usually an hour long) my body gave out, I was so sore from the benching, my arms couldn't handle it any more. And then Wednesday I biked to work, a nice 20 minutes pretty much going up hill the whole way, and then I get to bike again today since the car needs a starter, amongst other things.

 And to top it off, I haven't been sleeping well. So my body and mind are so tired, yet I can't seem to sleep. And then Hubby is out in the Field tonight and tomorrow so I won't be seeing him until Friday evening-ish. And it feels like I haven't seen him at all this week. But this is probably the last time he'll get to go out in the field since his contract ends June 19th. But that's a whole other post.  So here is my update for now, I have some blog-reading to catch up on :)


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